Collection: TANGO SETS

Discover the Luxury of Tango: Customizable Italian Leather Bondage Set

Immerse yourself in the luxury of the Tango collection, meticulously crafted from supple Italian leather that's gentle on your skin yet durable enough for intense play. Experience the pinnacle of BDSM luxury with our 7-piece set designed for discerning enthusiasts.

Exquisite Materials and Craftsmanship

Each piece in the Tango collection features sumptuous pink leather paired with velvety suede linings, ensuring both comfort and durability. The elegant stitching can be customized in any color you desire, perfectly tailoring your set to match your style.

Premium Hardware and Features

The Tango set is finished with high-quality nickel-plated gold hardware, enhancing its luxurious appearance and functionality. This collection includes:

  • A pair of handcuffs, ankle cuffs, and thigh cuffs: all 1.5" wide for secure, comfortable restraint.
  • A 1.5" wide collar with a detachable 27" chain leash, allowing versatile control options.
  • Two robust metal connectors (3.5"), ensuring reliability and ease of use.
  • A BONUS black satin bag for discreet, stylish storage of your gear.

Color Options and Customization

Our Tango collection comes in a vibrant palette of carefully selected colors to suit your preferences and enhance your experience. Each color is chosen for its richness and ability to convey the luxurious essence of the collection:

  • Tango Red: A fiery, passionate red that commands attention and exudes power.
  • Classic Black: Sophisticated and timeless, black offers versatility and elegance in every scenario.
  • Vibrant Pink: Bold and playful, pink adds a touch of fun and personal flair to your bondage gear.
  • Deep Purple: Mysterious and regal, purple brings a luxurious depth to your collection.

In addition to our showcased colors, we understand that individual style is key. If you have a specific color in mind, we're more than happy to create a custom color just for you. Reach out with your request, and let’s make your perfect vision a reality.

Customization and Personalization

Need a specific size or color stitching? No problem! Send us a message, and we'll tailor your Tango set to meet your precise needs. Interested in adding a personal touch? Consider our engraving options to make your BDSM gear uniquely yours.