Collection: 7 Piece Sets

Experience Unmatched Elegance and Craftsmanship with Our Vienna, Mona, and Tango Leather BDSM Collections

Step into the world of custom bondage with our premium BDSM sets: the Vienna, Mona, and Tango collections. Each set is meticulously crafted in the USA from the finest Italian leather, offering unmatched durability and a luxurious feel.

Vienna Collection:

Embrace sophistication with the Vienna set, available in soft baby blue leather paired with velvety Italian suede and finished with elegant silver hardware. This collection is designed for those who appreciate a touch of gentle elegance along with robust functionality of top-grade materials.

Mona Collection:

The Mona set stands out with its vibrant green leather complemented by green suede and opulent gold hardware. Each piece in this collection not only ensures comfort and security but also adds a regal touch to your BDSM play, perfect for those who want to combine style with high quality.

Tango Collection:

Explore the depths of your desires with the Tango set, featuring luxurious purple or black leather accented with custom stitching options. The hardware in each Tango set is crafted for durability and ease, supporting a wide range of bdsm bondage activities.

Versatile and Comprehensive:

Each collection includes a curated selection of BDSM essentials:

  • Wrist, ankle, and thigh cuffs, all 1.5" wide for secure, comfortable restraint.
  • Collars with detachable leashes that enhance control dynamics.
  • Metal connectors and additional accessories designed to expand your bondage possibilities.

Luxury Packaging and Customization:

Presented in elegant drawstring bags, our sets make perfect gifts or personal indulgences. With extensive customization options, from colors to engraving, tailor your BDSM tools to perfectly suit your personal taste and desires.

Dedicated to Quality and Comfort:

Constructed with care and attention to detail, our sets ensure both the wearer's comfort and the longevity of the pieces. Regular maintenance with leather-specific products will keep your BDSM gear in pristine condition.

Explore your boundaries and express your style with our Vienna, Mona, and Tango leather BDSM sets, where luxury meets durability in the world of sophisticated Italian leather and suede bondage play. Made in the USA, each collection promises top-notch quality and custom experiences.