With a focus on comfort, quality construction, and elegance, we make our restraints to loyally serve and please you for years to come. We continuously study and work with European designers to create bondage gear that provides style and functionality to couples that are beginners or seasoned veterans with the BDSM lifestyle. 

All Lulexy products are proudly made in the USA using full-grain Italian leather. Every product is lined with suede that hugs the skin gently and softly. As a result, individuals who have sensitive skin find the products to be comfortable and long lasting for periods of time. Additionally, we made sure our products are sturdy by selecting high-quality hardware that is heavy and thick enough to hold up even when things get rough.

All our products are available in 14 different colors which gives customers a fun way to express themselves through their bondage-wear.

Meet our Kinky ladies:


Our collection, “Tango,” comes in a variation of different colors. This collection is made of full-grain, vegetable tanned leather with a smooth suede lining on the inside.  Tango has a stitched outline on the pieces, which gives a more finished and polished look. The pieces in this collection allow you and your partner to explore different positions and poses while looking sexy at the same time.


Like Tango, Scarlet also has a stitched finish. However, this collection is more ellusive and prestigious with a black outer leather and a red suede on the underside. Scarlet is made of full-grain vegetable tanned leather with a smooth and thin layer of suede on the inside. If you are more about sensualness and style, we recommend this collection as it makes you feel rich and luxurious while exploring your sexual cravings. Scarlet lives up to her name with the added royal red finish.


If you and your partner prefer the look for an unstitched finish, then we suggest “Mona.” Mona is made with full-grain, vegetable tanned leather with soft, sumptuous suede lining on the inside. Mona has an elegant and modern feel with the leather on the pieces being smooth and unstitched. If you and your partner prefer the look of an unstitched finish, then Mona is your girl.

Candice “Candy”

For a more playful endeavor with your partner, our Candice “Candy” collection presents bright colors and vibrance in the bedroom. With a more subtle finish and softer edge, this collection adds an exuberant and frisky time with your partner in 14 different colors. This collection is made out of Chrome-based leather, which covers all the pores, wrinkles, and any other natural markings resulting in a very smooth and uniform finish. Candice is made with a top-grain chrome-based leather, is unstitched, and is lined with matching sumptuous suede on the inside.

Handcuffs, ankle cuffs with silver hardware from Vienna collection handmade from baby - blue Italian leather by Lulexy.


Vienna is a more specific and prestigious collection, only featuring the colors white and baby blue. Vienna comes stitched with a top-grain chrome leather finish and matching suede on the inside. This collection is the softest leather that we carry. It is soft grained, which is ideal for someone just getting started in the BDSM industry. It also works well for people who have sensitive skin because it is thinner and much gentler on the skin.